Come First

Born out of a conviction that the kids in our community are OUR kids,
Kids Come First is our response to God’s call
to love the kids in our church AND the kids in our community. 
Our goal is to break the cycles of depression, anxiety, and addiction,
instead offering hope, purpose, and peace. 
All in the name of Jesus.
We can’t do it without you!
Become a Kids Come First Partner to help change the future for the Kids in our community:
  • Support Partner: Stay informed
  • Prayer Partner:  Pray for our Kids
  • Volunteer Partner: Sign up to help
  • Financial Partner: Give so we can                                          love our Kids
Kids Come First Ministries:
PULSE Youth Center:
After school drop-in center providing a safe place with homework help, wifi, food, and life-skills training.
Bible Quiz:
Scripture study and memorization in a game-show format.  Includes monthly events with teens from across the country and culminates in a  national event. 
Sunday School & Groups:
Intentional spiritual formation and learning in a fun and safe environment.
Events & Retreats:
Special activities that take kids and youth outside the neighborhood for new experiences and challenges, and to experience the world beyond.
Day Camps:
Multi-day intensives that allow kids to immerse themselves in activities or focused skill development.
Family Growth:
Understanding kids need healthy families, we offer tools, resources and classes, that equip and grow parents to lead their families.