“ ‘And yet even now,’ says the Lord, ‘return to me with all you heart…’” Joel 2:12
Lent is the 40 days (minus Sunday’s) from Ash Wednesday until Easter, and is a season in the Church to focus on our spiritual  practices and sacred rhythms.  It is traditionally considered a time of spiritual renewal as we consider the significance of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross.  We think of it as a time of returning: to our first love, to God’s heart for us, to God’s heart for the world. It is a time to walk with Christ with intentionality and purpose.  Protestant churches observe Lent to varying degrees so its possible many of us did not grow up with Lenten practices as part of our faith journey.  But the season of Lent, along with the other seasons of the Christian calendar are meant to teach us things about our spiritual lives that we need to learn.  Observing Lent unites us with believers from all over the world and it reflects centuries of tradition and spiritual discipline.





As part of those disciplines, during Lent Christians often    add (FOCUS) or eliminate (FAST) certain activities or practices to create more space for God.     

Is God inviting you to do something different in this season  so he can reveal more of himself to you?
FOCUS:    What will you add or create space for in your life?                           What new habit will draw you closer to God?     
  • Prayer 
  • Thankfulness (use triggers to remind you)
  • Simplicity (cutting down on clutter in your life & mind)
  • Scripture reading & memorization
  • Giving (Use this time as a new giving challenge.  Not a            tither?  Commit to tithe throughout Lent and see how            God will use it.  Already a tither?  Does God want you to          give in other ways?)
FASTING: Is there something you should temporarily
                       give up, cut out, or cut-down in your life
                                  so God can fill that space?
  • Food: meals or specific foods (meat, desserts)
  • Media (favorite shows, social media, movies, leaving the          radio off while driving)
  • Caffeine (coffee, soft drinks, tea, chocolate) 
  • Sugar
  • Consider a common fast as a family or a small group


Some recommended practices to add during Lent:
Daily devotionals:
    • Seedbed.com and sign up for the Wake-Up Call each day in your email box.
    • Prayasyougo.org listen to a short devotional each day of the week.
    • Red Letter Challenge—order your book today redletterchallenge.com
    • Prayer:
      • Phoenix Life @ Prayer, Tuesday’s 10am
      • 4th Saturday 24/7 prayer.  Sign up at werprayallday.com
      • Increase your intentionality about your own prayer life, or prayer with others
  • BECOMING Sermon Series, Sunday’s 10:30am
  • Fri., April 7, 6pm, Good Friday Communion and Prayer             Service
  • Sun. April 9, Easter Celebrations